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40+ Students Accepted Into Med 2022

Median UCAT Score of 90th%

3000 UCAT
Score Guarantee

Hey I’m Jack. Soon to be 3rd year Medical Student at Monash university. 99th percentile scorer in 2021.

Time and time again, I see students with amazing ATARs let UCAT be their pitfall, so I have created an outcome driven process that consistently gets hardworking students to 3000+ scores.

Here’s what I pride myself in as a tutor:

  • Any student willing to make a time commitment to working hard can see huge improvements in their progress.
  • Time and time again I have had students score over 3300+, but I pride myself just as much on students who have failed to even score above 2600 on years prior, but scored 3000 with me.
  • Most students get discouraged that their natural ability isn’t enough to succeed, but although it is a factor, people often underestimate how far they can go. I help them realise that

Some of the highlights since I started teaching include:

Over 50 students admitted into medicine

20+ admitted into Monash medicine just last year

Over 5 students who have improved their UCAT score by >500 points since sitting it the year prior

Our students are 5x more likely to get above 3000 than the average UCAT student

“Jack’s tutoring was the reason I was able to jump from getting 30th percentile two years in a row to a 90th percentile this time around. He provides dedicated and efficient strategies to target your weaknesses, sets realistic goals but also pushes you to your full potential.
91st percentile
"Jack is an amazing tutor, he has a plethora of questions, many of which are top quality. He provides detailed explanations and feedback which has vastly helped me improve my skills. If you want a top quality tutor, pick Jack."
Dentistry student
"The UCAT is a difficult and often overwhelming task to undertake. Jack’s holistic teaching style made my UCAT preparation as easy as possible. He divided the content in a way that made it simple to understand, devising catchy strategies that are impossible to forget."
3220 scorer