I’m Robert Liu, the Founder of EdAtlas

It’s wonderful to meet you.

I’m passionate about helping students realise their potential through the highest possible standards of mentoring. That’s why I started EdAtlas.

My philosophy and the mission of EdAtlas are based on three beliefs:

Our students consistently outperform their peers and establish best-in-class foundations for elite futures. In 2023, 94% of my students in my Extension class scored at least a 45 raw.

Some of the highlights since I started teaching include:

11 students who have achieved a perfect score (50 raw) in Maths Methods

More than 50 students who have improved their grades by at least 3 grade levels, for example C+ to A+

More than 50 students admitted to
Monash Medicine

94% of my Extension class last year (2023) scored at least a 45 raw study score

And with your commitment, we can transform your VCE trajectory, too.

If you’re thinking about working with EdAtlas, I imagine you want to learn a little bit more about the person behind its training materials and unique approach.

If you have a moment, I’d like to share my story. Because my path to top-tier tutoring wasn’t straightforward. And my philosophy took over a decade to develop, with many setbacks along the way.

Started With A Digital Addiction

I grew up in your stereotypical Asian family. My parents placed a strong emphasis on academic results. I’ve lost count of the number of times I was compared to high-achieving family friends.

But my academic life didn’t always take priority. At 16, I would spend more than three hours every day playing video games or scrolling social media.

All of that said, I was still a reasonably high-performing student.

That was until I finished Maths Methods in Year 11 and underperformed significantly. I can still remember my feelings of surprise and disappointment, quickly followed by the (daunting) prospect of going down the stairs and telling my parents.

Nonetheless, I was a stubborn kid and felt I could figure out how to improve my score by myself. Mentorship was the last thing on my mind, despite the fact that it was exactly what I needed. But hindsight, as they say, is a wonderful thing.

A Spiral Of Underperformance

Looking back, I see now that I wasn’t aware of why I was underachieving.

Of course, a straightforward lack of hard work was a major factor. But I was also missing hidden insights in the examinable material and consistently failed to express my working in a VCAA-preferred format.

Through year 12 (when I repeated Maths Methods), I continued to score poorly compared to my mathematical capability. And even though my confidence continued to slide, I still believed I could do it all myself.

After getting 52% in one of my Specialist Maths SACs, I started bulldozing my way through practice exams (more than 60 of them). This was a strategy I only later realised was incredibly inefficient.

One of my biggest regrets from that time is that I never took the opportunity to address the true factors that led to my underachievement. I simply believed that repeating the subject would solve my issues. It was a false assumption that an experienced tutor could have rectified for me immediately.

Once I Started University, I Committed To Investing And Things Began To Improve

When I started attending the University of Melbourne, I began to address the underlying issues that had held me back. I overcame my unhelpful habits and learned how to work more intelligently within the examination system.

Over time, I began to see more and more success. In 2017, I became one of the youngest winners of an International Case Competition in the University of Melbourne’s entire history, competing against some of the top students from around the world. And in 2019, I was the only Australian to receive a deferred admission offer to MIT, the #1 ranked university in the world (QS World Rankings).

It was at university that I also started tutoring, where I first discovered the satisfaction of helping students unlock their potential and transform their trajectories. This ultimately led me to start EdAtlas. I’ve since worked with hundreds of individuals, refining and tailoring my approach along the way.

I've Learned As A Tutor

Since I started tutoring, my painstaking analysis has resulted in a deep confidence that any committed student, with the right support and irrespective of their current abilities, can truly redefine their VCE journey.

Through the course of my career, I learned how to:

  • Go from an underperforming student to one of the top performers in my university class, securing no less than five 6-figure job offers at graduation.
  • Approach VCE examinations in the optimal way to achieve top-level results
  • Build a finely-tuned study program that minimises the risk of falling behind


And it’s these results that I hope to help the next generation achieve. It’s that goal that truly drives me.

Literally the best tutor ever, super nice and supportive, incredibly easy to talk to and ask questions. He always tries to help out in every way, in not only academic ways, but advice on career and life. Overall such a great guy

If you are looking for a tutoring company that values education more than business, and if you are after a mentor who truly cares about and is dedicated to cultivating your personal success in the future, EdAtlas will undoubtedly be your first choice.

Rob was by far the most professional tutor I have ever had. He has his own resources which definitely helped me go through challenging questions. He is also very friendly and is available anytime outside of the class.

I can’t thank Rob enough for the amount of support he has given me throughout year 12 as my tutor and beyond. Rob is honestly the most knowledgeable and caring person who ALWAYS puts his students first, and I can’t recommend him enough!

If you’re considering tutoring with EdAtlas, I can confidently make one promise. We will give you all the resources and mentoring you need to achieve a score in the top 1% of the state, opening up an array of university options and, ultimately, a rewarding career.