Learn how to separate yourself from the state and achieve higher than your goal study score.

As a past student myself, I found that lots of tutors unfortunately just regurgitated content and didn’t provide proper techniques. But here at EdAtlas, I will provide a chemistry experience that is unique and properly trains you to understand what you actually need to ace your sacs and that final exam.


Hey there! I’m Jack, your future VCE chemistry tutor. To quickly summarise my credentials:

  • 2023 graduate with a RAW 50 in chemistry
  • Perfect 100% sac scores and an almost perfect exam score for chemistry
  • 99.45 ATAR
  • And a bright passion for chemistry – I hope I can make VCE chemistry your favourite subject by the end of the year. 

Common pitfalls of VCE chemistry students include:

  • Purely rote learning and just memorising content without understanding
  • Understanding content but not communicating answers in a VCAA acceptable matter
  • Not seeing the links between each area of study

These are remedied at EdAtlas by:

  • Classes involve a full dissection of content with an emphasis on the key ideas that most students miss
  • Learn how to answer VCE style questions in a way an examiner gives full marks for.

Accessible and quality notes created by a professional chemistry team for every dot point on the study design

Weekly question booklets to reconsolidate your knowledge

Hand curated practice sacs and exams for reinforcing your skills

Unlimited support outside of class (even at the latest hours)

Don’t hesitate, don’t fall behind and instead schedule a free trial class now!