Hi, I’m Chris Bell and I’d love to help you excel in your Physics journeys. 

A bit about me:

  • Raw 49 in VCE Physics
  • 127.5/130 (98%) on the 2022 VCAA Physics exam.
  • Awarded First-Class Honours in Advanced Physics at Melbourne University.
  • Amassed over 250 hours of tutoring experience 
  • 99.60 ATAR 

Physics and I got off on the wrong foot. In Unit 1, I didn’t understand the concepts, I would get lost in class and the only thing stopping me from dropping it was that I had no idea what I would pick up. By the end of Unit two, although I had slightly warmed to physics as I enjoyed the topics more, I still only achieved the 15th highest final exam score at my school, barely above average.

So how did I get from there, to achieving a raw 49 in the span of one year?

Going into unit 3/4 Physics, I had an important realisation: width of knowledge is more important than depth of knowledge in this subject. VCAA expects you to understand all the concepts covered in the course, but they will not ask you exceptionally difficult questions.

Above all, I want to help my students succeed. I will achieve this by exposing my students to all the content VCAA could expect them to know, helping them feel comfortable and confident by the time they walk into their assessments and examination.

Tutoring classes are beneficial when they supplement school education. I endeavour to provide my students with a second perspective on the content they are learning at school. This gives them an edge on their school classmates who have not considered the same topics from as many angles and in as much depth as my students have.

Furthermore, in classes, my students will work through hand-crafted, EdAtlas exclusive questions designed to prepare them for upcoming assessments. Students will learn the techniques I have developed and strategies for maximising their scores, using the questions as practice.

Knowing the struggles and stress of VCE, I want my classes to be enjoyable for students as well as being educational – good well-being is important for health, and is also a significant driver of academic success.