First and foremost, the EdAtlas Biology course has been thoughtfully structured to interlace an in-depth knowledge of theory with the intensive application of necessary thinking skills. The course provides a wealth of resources to support this pursuit. We invite you to check it out yourself!

Succinct, comprehensive notes containing all required knowledge

Focused 2-hour weekly seminars presenting an in-depth view of the subject, fostering an intuitive and visual understanding as well as progressively testing knowledge.

At-home, weekly practice questions covering a variety of question types and difficulties, as well as SAC and exam preparation resources (including practice papers).

Out-of-class support

50% of past full-year students scored a 40+ raw score


placing them in the top 8% of the state

30% of past full-year students scored a 45+ raw score


placing them in the top 2.5% of the state

Over half of the current students are placed

Top 5

… the Top 5 or above in terms of school SAC ranks

Confusion and lack of clarity regarding required content

Gaps in knowledge / inadequate depth of understanding which hinders application

Uncertainty and lack of confidence in approaching questions

Class questions are easier than SAC / exam questions

Insufficient familiarity with approaching marking schemes in SACs

Overconfidence leading to performance below personal expectations

  • Structured, succinct and comprehensive notes.
  • In-class clarification and tips.
  • Diverse question types at varying levels of difficulty to consolidate course knowledge and provide a basis for applying knowledge.
  • In-class feedback to develop proficiency in approaching marking schemes in SAQs.
  • Honest feedback and progress-tracking to better monitor improvements and shortcomings, as well as provide actionable suggestions/advice.

Your Bio tutor is me: a compulsive perfectionist, which is a practical guarantee – a surefire sign, if you will – of quality.

Hey! I am Noa, the EdAtlas Bio tutor.

I scored a 48 (raw) study score in VCE Biology (during 2020 “COVID VCE”) complemented by my 99.85 ATAR (fell a bit short with my scores… occasionally this is used against me in heated debates and in light-hearted jest).

I am a self-proclaimed biology lover: studying a double degree in Science & Commerce at Monash Uni, working part-time as a researcher and analyst at a biotech investment reports publisher, intending to complete Honours and a PhD in Developmental Biology, and of course, tutoring you in the subject!