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Students admitted into Monash Medicine


of our Extension students scored a 45+ raw (2023)


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Biology U1-4

Chemistry U1-4

Methods / Specialist U1-4

Physics U1-4


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I was failing Maths and in a terrible place – Rob is not just a tutor – he’s like a friend and I’ve messaged him before at 12am – he’s always there for you

Sally, Marian College, awarded scholarship to Monash University

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Rob is not just a tutor – he is a trusted friend who will listen to your questions and your thoughts and continually support you even beyond high school – there are not many tutors out there who can really beat that

Stella, MacRobertson Girls High School, 50 raw Methods

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If you have a goal in mind, working with Rob gives you a roadmap of how to get there – it saved me a lot of time

Jason, Melbourne High, Monash Medicine, 44 raw Methods

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Without Rob, maybe I could’ve gotten 40s, but I could have never gotten a perfect study score

Jemin, St Kevin’s College, 50 raw Methods, 45 raw Specialist, University of Melbourne Medicine


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In 2022, our compendiums predicted 97% (116 marks out of 120) of the Maths Methods exam and 93% (112 marks out of 120) of the Specialist Maths exam


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Would you like to achieve 45+ raw study scores in Methods and Specialist Mathematics?

Our experienced tutors have helped dozens of students achieve exactly that goal. Our in-person classes provide you with all the skills you need to tackle complex problems with confidence.

You'll also work with specialist training materials that can't be found elsewhere. in 2022, our compendiums predicted exam questions in Maths Methods with 97% accuracy.

If you complete all the assigned work and don't score 45 or higher, you'll get a full refund.

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Over the last 7 years, we've helped students from these schools achieve best-in-class* results within their year

*Defined as Rank 1, 2 or 3 in their year level for their SAC ranking or study score

Our 2023 VCE Methods & Specialist results - pinnacle of excellence

Five students who scored a Raw 50

Siyun Gu (MacRob)

Jeff Dai (Trinity Grammar)

Ethan Ong (Camberwell Grammar)

Sage Lingam (Trinity Grammar)

Leonard Shen (Brighton Grammar)

Median Raw score of 48 (Extension, Methods) and Raw 42 (Extension, Specialist)

~94% of Extension students in Methods scored Raw 45+