Our three-part component for success in high school and beyond

Our training method has been refined over several years to ensure that you are taking the most efficient route to success while developing skillsets that will help you succeed well beyond high school


Gain Confidence With Comprehensive Notes

You’ll get highly comprehensive notes mapping out every element covered in the study design.

Our notes contain differing levels of practice questions, from Level 1 that are designed to help you build the right fundamentals, to Level 3 that are designed to challenge even the highest achievers.


Acquire The Ultimate Competitive Advantage With Our Proprietary Compendiums (Methods/Specialist Only)

You are provided with the gold standard in VCE Maths resources -our EdAtlas compendiums.

Gain unparalleled exposure – we have virtually covered everything that can be examined.

In 2022, our Maths Methods compendiums successfully predicted 116 out of 120 marks on the exam.

Master our compendiums. Score a 45+ raw study score in Methods/ Specialist Maths or get all your money back.


Ace Your SACs (Methods/Specialist With Other Subjects To Come)

You will get books of practice SACs tailored to the SAC style of over 10 schools (MacRob, MLC, Scotch, Balwyn High, Suzanne Cory, Caulfield Grammar, John Monash and more).

Practicing in your own school’s SAC style with our customised SACs will enable you to gain a clear advantage over your peers


Free Unlimited Support Outside Of Class

When you work with our tutors, you get unlimited access to them outside of class.

For Maths, we have online tutors staffed 24/7, dedicated to help you get the support that you need to truly excel in one of the most important years of your life.

For other subjects – you can just give your tutor a text or call when you need.

This means that when you work with us – it is free to get help outside of class. The more you are dedicated to improving, the more we will help you.


Develop Efficient Study Habits With World-Class Personal Growth Training

We don’t just help take A+ students to a raw 50 but equally, if not more importantly, help grow students struggling with your VCE subjects and show you a world of possibilities.

We immerse our classes with bite-sized personal growth training to help you take the next step in growing the necessary skillsets for success both in high school and beyond.