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Dear friend and nervous VCE student,

Dear friend and nervous VCE student, Do you feel anxious about your Methods/Specialist Maths exams? Have disorganised and unhelpful teachers left you clueless on what actually drives best-in-state results?

Hi, I’m Rob, the founder of EdAtlas. I’ve spent years in the Victorian education sector, where I witnessed thousands of stressed out students struggling to achieve perfect scores on their exams. Faced with poor teaching standards and a lack of organised practice questions, students had no other option but to fend for themselves.

That’s why I started EdAtlas. Over the past few years, I’ve developed a carefully crafted student program that’s predicted 99% of the Maths Methods and 93% of the Specialist Maths exams. With my proven system, I’ll teach you exactly how you can achieve a minimum 45+ raw score in a fun and easy to understand way.

Robert Liu

Founder of EdAtlas

Over the last 7 years, we've taught Rank 1 students from these schools


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“I’ve been to a lot of tutoring companies over the years, and I think EdAtlas is completely different – it’s well beyond my expectations”

Jeff, Trinity Grammar, 50 raw Methods

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“Without Rob, maybe I could’ve gotten 40s, but I could have never gotten a perfect study score.”

Jemin, St Kevin’s College, 50 raw Methods, 45 raw Specialist, University of Melbourne Medicine

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“In this year’s Methods exam, there were a few separator questions that, without Rob, I would have just not known how to do. This definitely [improved] my exam marks by at least 5 marks to be honest.”

Alex, Melbourne High School, 48 raw Methods, 44 raw Specialist

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“At the end of Year 10, I was struggling to maintain a 90% average but a lot of people in my class were consistently getting 100%. By the end of Year 11, I was fortunate enough to get the Methods Prize [Rank 1] and achieve a 50 [raw] in Methods. Without Rob, I definitely would not have been able to achieve the study score I got.”

Siyun, MacRob, Methods Prize winner, Raw 50 Methods

Avoid the costly mistakes that’ll prevent you from acing Methods/ Specialist exams.

Are you worried that studying hard may not be enough to get the marks you need? Being overwhelmed by all the memorising and formulas is a normal feeling. And often, it’s the overthinking that stumbles most students when they’re taking their exams. At EdAtlas, we provide you the structure and mindset to help avoid the common mistakes most students make in their exams.

No limits — get your questions answered with unlimited 24/7 support.

Our dedicated tutors are always available to give you the help you need to ace your Methods/Specialist Maths exams. We guarantee a response rate within 24 hours for any Maths-related query, so you can get back on track with your studies quickly. It’s like having your own personal Maths tutor, available 7 days a week to provide guidance and feedback when you need it most.

What students are saying…

Robert is so much more than just a tutor who’s taught me Mathematics. Labelling him a tutor is truly not enough, he is THE mentor that I needed during this difficult time of ending my high school years and beginning my journey as a university student.


Rob’s dedication to not only Mathematics but also the interest and well-being of his students is beyond what I expected, and far more than what is offered by any other tutoring service. The materials he provides are second to none, and the extensive resources provide the opportunity for any student to reach beyond their goals.


Along with the focus on academics, Rob was also a mentor who provided insightful advice that encouraged us students to adopt a mentality that gears us for success, not just on our academic journeys, but also in terms of the future.


I can’t thank Rob enough for the amount of support he has given me throughout year 12 as my tutor and beyond. Rob is honestly the most knowledgeable and caring person who ALWAYS puts his students first, and I can’t recommend him enough!


A proven, systematic program designed to fit your needs

Unlock our extensive notes that map out every element of the study design – tailored to each student’s level, from beginner (level 1) to advanced (level 3).

We have invested over $500,000 and spent more than 7500+ hours designing our EdAtlas compendiums, practice SACs, infinity’s playground, weekly tests, etc. Our proprietary resources provide you with the gold standard in VCE Maths preparation – giving you an exclusive opportunity to outperform your peers with this insider knowledge.

With our customised SACs, you can practice in your school’s own style and get a headstart in your cohort. Our books are tailored to over 10 schools (including MacRob, MLC, Scotch College, Balwyn High, Suzanne Cory and Caulfield Grammar). So whatever school you’re from, we’ve got you covered.

At EdAtlas, we understand that in order to reach your full potential, you need more than just academic advice. Our experienced tutors work with each student on their individual goals and equip them with the tools they need to become confident learners, creative problem-solvers, and effective communicators.

Our classes are tailored to accommodate different learning styles, enabling us to provide students with the best possible support. By taking part in our comprehensive personal growth training, you’ll develop skills that will stay with you long after your VCE exams have been completed.

You’ll personally receive access to our proven program that’s allowed VCE Maths students to…

*names are anonymised for student privacy.

Hear from some of our 350+ students who’ve  experienced transformational results.

Get a 45 raw study score or we’ll refund every single $ that you spend*

We are so confident in our ability to help you succeed in Maths Methods and Specialist Maths that we offer a full refund of all tuition fees if you do not get a 45 raw study score. Our time-tested teaching approach gives you the extra edge to stay ahead of other students.

*Group Methods/Specialist classes only, terms and conditions apply

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